Saturday, October 25, 2008

The World of Headbands - Monogram Included

I started monogramming headbands before Christmas last year. They were all done on 1" headbands and were cute but the font I chose was, well, sort of formal....that has all changed. Now I also monogram 2" headbands and I'm using a couple of really cute fonts, mostly all lower case letters and the fabrics I've chosen are much more interesting and fun! I recently found some that looks like soccer balls! Can't wait to make those up for my daughters soccer team! I also give these as birthday gifts. All their friends love them.

Many people have asked if I can do their school. The answer is "YES"!! I can use your school colors or, if you can give me a uniform they've outgrown, I can cut it up and make the headband from it.

I have a large number of pics on my website for you to see, but I've been shopping and have so many new fabrics!! I even stumbled upon some great college team fabric. I only got three teams so far. Probably didn't buy enough yardage....I'm thinking it won't last long. I have Carolina Tar Heels, Duke Blue Devils and, of course, Maryland Terps. Bet they would look great in a mug too!

I still have a large selection of Vera Bradley and Lilly Pulitzer fabrics that I use to make headbands too. Just can't get enough cool fabric!!