Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Market Tote.....tell me what you think.....

I have been searching high and low for a market tote like this one. I absolutely love them but they're hard to find and expensive at the only supplier I've found. They come in the most amazing colors (brown, hot pink, lime, navy, red and orange) - not just solids like this one, but polka dots and stripes and patterns that are just awesome.

As you can see they have a singe handle and no lid or zip top. They have nice rubber feet on the bottom so they won't slip on...say a boat deck or other surface that might be a little wet. The basket part is made of a heavy denier polyester like a nice quality tote bag, so it is washable yet water resistant. It is collapsible because the handle folds down and the fabric portion of the tote can be removed from the frame. This is great especially for storage. We have one from last summer that I love, but it's smaller and does not collapse. This one measures about 19" long x 10" wide and is 9" deep. It will hold a ton of and activity items for the car....a picnic lunch!......snacks and supplies for the pool or boat.....the possibilities are endless. The price you ask? Monogrammed on the side, the bag will sell for $35. I have not stocked up on these because while I find them so useful, I find them a bit pricey for today's economy.

Tell me what you think......

Julie's lia sophia project

A few days ago I told you that Julie's lia sophia project would soon be done......and as promised, here it is!!! Julie hasn't seen it that mean of me? I hope not! Anyway, this bag was tons of fun to make and WOW!!! what a statement it makes. This was done by hand using all clear crystals that I permanently afixed to the tote bag.

She'll be the talk of her next company event! Let me know if I can help you make a statement too!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fun Projects!!

Today I finished a great project for Jacki who needed a gift for her sorority sister. She wanted a special sweatshirt and here's what we came up with! She's got her greek letters made with Vera Bradley Raspberry Fizz fabric. We added a little message to the cuff and the recipient's name is on the hood.

My next project is for Julie. She sells lia sophia jewelry and she needs a special bag for her team. Soon I'll reveal what we've done for Julie..