Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sunglass Case

I can't believe January is gone.... We are hard at work choosing new items for you this year. The iPod case has been a hit so far. But've got to see these cases for your sunglasses! Yes, they really have crystals adorning the glasses! They are absolutely the cutest.....I just can't describe, so here are the pictures.

These are made from fabrics we have in stock....feel free to request your favorite color. Standby...I think I've found a way to monogram it instead of putting the glasses on it. I don't think I could choose between the two though......I'd have to have one of each!

As courtesy of Danny Douglas Photography. He's the bomb!

Monday, January 11, 2010

It's a Brand New Year!

Welcome to 2010... I am excited about the New many new things planned. Today, let's chat about the cell phone or iPod case (design by Digistitches - who designs soooo many cool things!). This little pouch can be made with a snapped short handle or a long one like this. This one is designed to go over your neck. It's awesome for someone who wants their iPod handy while traveling to/from work on public transportation. It has a zipper pocket on one side and a snap pocket on the other. Notice the beautiful stippling on the case. Nope, that's not what the fabric looks like...that's embroidered! Awesome!!! While we believe this little bag was designed for a cell phone or iPod, we're sure you will think up many other uses for this adorable little pouch! What I do know for sure, is that this is the first of many to come.

Photos courtesy of Danny Douglas Photography.